Company Overview

Michelle and Tim are siblings who have been involved in various business enterprises.  They both recognized the difficulty for travelers to the Salt Lake International Airport in getting rental cars suitable for travel in bad weather or up steep canyon roads. They decided to start a business together to meet the needs of individuals who don’t care for under-powered vehicles and want the reassurance that comes with driving an all wheel drive vehicle.

Timothy and Michelle hail from the furthest north eastern section of New England (and the United States for that matter), the state of Maine.  Growing up in the rural countryside, these two siblings experienced their fair share of milking cows and splitting firewood.  To say life was interesting growing up in a family of eleven children, would certainly be an understatement.  Timothy (being the exact middle child with five above and five below) often joked with his brother’s and sister’s that they should have started a reality show; if such programing would have existed in the 1970’s and 80’s.  Bareback horseback riding, tending to the family farm and doing their best to participate in their father’s business endeavors, most likely would have drawn the attention of a large number of “subscribers” (cable of course, not YouTube).

Working together now with AWD Rentals, Michelle and Timothy have a lot fun reminiscing on their long ago past at the homestead.  Now that home is in different places for the two, its nice that their business partnership can afford them more opportunity to stay in touch.  It was not always easy for Timothy to get ahold of his sister since sitting still never really “sat” too well with Michelle.  Life for this hard working mother of three is juggled between her husband, children, professional life and bouncing between Utah and Maine when time allows.  Timothy does his best to visit dear old mom and dad on the East Coast when opportunity presents itself, but most of the year he can be found between the Wasatch and Oquirre Mountains, working away with his car business and AWD Rentals right in the middle of the Salt Lake valley.  Timothy has a handsome little boy and a beautiful little girl and along with pretty momma, the four of them enjoy all the best that Utah has to offer: hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking and camping.  Timothy and his wife find themselves carrying their little ones a lot more than they would like, but it is all worth it when they arrive at the top of Mount Timpanogos after a long hike, or light the campfire in Moab Utah for a night filled with “scary” ghost stories and chirping crickets. And just because Timothy’s little ones are a little too small to hit the slopes in the winter time, that definitely does not stop his sister Michelle. Her two boys (one in his twenties and the other a junior in high school) are expert skiers who tear up the slopes at SnowBird every opportunity they get; leaving their dear old Uncle Tim in the dustless snowflakes.  Tim finds it hard to keep up with the two hard core skiers on any vertical snow covered slope, but looks forward to nothing better when the two role into town.  Timothy converted to the snow board when he was nineteen years old and he typically will not be found on the slopes unless there is at least twelve inches of fresh powder.  Lucky for Timothy, Utah is legendary for “The Best Snow on Earth”.

Hopefully this happy family can run into yours during anytime of year here in Utah.  Just remember that there is always something to do in Utah and no matter what season and no matter where you go, AWD Rentals will get you there.  We will see you on the slopes, bike paths, hiking trails, streams, rivers……anywhere, just get here.

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