AWD Rentals is your ideal car rental agency, offering you reliable and convenient service for all your transportation needs. We want to offer you a unique, high-quality, and extraordinary experience, so we made sure we were different than the competition.

With most car rentals, it is not uncommon to get a different car than the one you reserved or to be forced to pay for an extra day because you won’t be back before the office closes. Other problems you might face when looking for a rental is trying to find a four-wheel drive (4WD) or all-wheel drive (AWD) rental or the hassle of trying to get from the airport to your car rental office. We understand all of the struggles you have to go through when looking for rentals in a strange town, which is why we made it our business to make the car rental process easier for you.

Here is why we beat the competition:

•    At AWD Rentals, we ensure that what you ordered is what will be waiting for you at the pickup point. We will not disappoint you with a different car!

•    At AWD Rentals, we complete all of the paperwork online, before you arrive! No more long waits at a kiosk, simply get your bags, meet the driver, and the car is yours!

•    You also don’t have to worry about any extra charges if you are late returning the rental; we give you a two hour grace period to help with unexpected delays.

•    At AWD Rentals, you can pick up your car at any time, day or night!

•    We pick you up at the airport in the car that you rented for free, adding to your convenience.



24/7 Rentals

At AWD, our rentals are available anytime, day or night! We understand that our clients need to attend to their businesses at all hours, so we made sure to make it possible. We got your back all day and all night.

During business hours (from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM local time), customers arriving at the airport will be met by our driver in the car that they rented. If you’re staying at a nearby hotel, we can also meet you there, call us or make inquiries at [email protected] We’ll even pick you up, so be sure to call or text ahead to coordinate a pickup!

We also offer after-hours pick-ups from 8:00 PM – 8:00 AM upon prior agreement. Customers should proceed to the airport long-term parking lot. The car will have a coded magnetic key box attached in a convenient but discrete location on the vehicle (detailed instructions will be emailed out 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up time). After-hours customers will have to pay the parking fee to leave the short-term parking lot. The rate will vary, depending on how long the car has been there, but it will not be more than $32.00.

At AWD, 24 hours is equivalent to one rental day, counted from the time you pick your car. Should you fail to return your rental on time, we will give you a grace period of 2 hours after which you will pay a fine.

We Pick You Up

At AWD Rentals we pick you up in the car that you rent: at the Salt Lake City Airport, Park City, Heber Airport, Ogden, Provo, West Valley City, and West Jordan

During regular business hours we pick you up at the Salt Lake International Airport.

Here is our regular airport pickup procedure:

• When you land you get a text from our driver that he’s waiting at the airport

• Get your luggage from the baggage claim and text/call the driver

• He coordinates the pickup spot and pulls up with the car that your rented

Your Vehicle Reservation is Guaranteed

We ensure that at AWD Rentals, our customers get the exact car they reserved; we do not compromise on that. So if you reserve a Subaru Outback, that’s what you’re getting—not a Subaru Impreza, not a Honda CRV, and with no extra charge for that guarantee.

Every Vehicle is AWD or 4WD, Guaranteed

Our fleet consists of both AWD and 4WD rental cars. That means you are always assured of the perfect car for the weather and the terrain, anywhere or anytime.

AWD is the Best Rental Car Company in Salt Lake City

Try us and experience the difference!

Contact us at [email protected] or call 801-895-2800 to make your booking today.




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