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Zion National Park: experience twisting mountain roads, tunnels, and breathtaking vistas in your Zion Car Rental.

Trust us here at AWD Rentals, if you have never visited the narrow roads and winding ascents of Zions National Park, it is not something you want to do crammed inside of a fifty-foot long tour bus while your anticipated venue passes you by through the bus’s side window; there is just too much to do at Zion National Park!  Located on State Route 9 in Springdale, Utah, Zion National Park is a convenient distance from Salt Lake City; only about a four hour drive.  We have gone ahead and made a short list for our customers (short because Zion’s has so much to offer) of what you can do with rental cars near Zion National Park.  In no particular order, Angels Landing, Court of the Patriarchs, Emerald Pools, Kolob Arch and The Narrows, all have something extra special to offer for any level of adventure seeker.  Please put on your imagination thinking caps and take a look at what awaits you on your next vacation!

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Angel’s Landing

Offering a once in a lifetime experience, Angels Landing is not for the faint of heart.  I can still remember the first (and only) time I navigated its narrow ridge, glancing from my left to right, trying to keep my stomach from turning upside down.  Conservetively speaking, it is safe to say that the 1000 foot vertical drop off either side of the ridge way kept me on my toes.  Equipped with only the bare bones of photography tools (I.e., my cell phone), my lovely wife and I were blown away at the majestic images we were able to capture during our ascent, and from the top of Angels Landing.  Being lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Utah, we are fortunate to be able to use our own vehicle and not have to purchase a Zion car rental.  Nevertheless, we gladly would have purchased a car rental near Zion National Park to be able to tour this beautiful gift of nature in the manner that Zion car rental provides.  Next up!

Court of the Patriarchs

Cruising with your Zion car rental up the majestic scenic Zion’s Park road and off a roadside pullout only about four shuttle stops up, one does not have to look far to find natural inspiration with Biblical comparisons.  Named after historical prophets and characters from the Old Testament, three pillars of sandstone erupt from the valley floor in their symbolic representations of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The Court of the Patriarchs has become a favorite for rock climbers and photographers of all abilities and skill levels.  It’s not a long hike to capture the perfect shot in the morning hours or try your rock climbing skill level on the vertical face of Isaac’s wall. Whatever your passion or pleasure, rest assured you will arrive safe and sound to your destination with an almost bran new car rental near Zion National Park!  Driving on…..

Emerald Pools

For millions of years, the Virgin river raged through the land known as Zion National Park, giving it the breath-taking wonders we see today.  Take your car rental Zion National Park, park at Zion Lodge, and head out for your three-mile round trip hike; the furthest destination Upper Pools taking you past the closer and more accessible Lower and Middle Pools, gaining in elevation of about 350 feet along the way.  The appropriately named “Emerald Pools” find themselves set in crystilline shallow water reserviours, giving off an irredescent turquoise hue.  Moving along….

Kolob Arch

For the backcountry enthusiast in your group (or the one living in your psychi), this natural arch is a must see. Kolob Arch is the second longest naturally occurring arch in nature and is only three feet shorter than Landscape Arch at Arches National Park.  To reach the trailhead, you will need to take your Zion car rental to Exit 40 off Interstate 15 and travel about 4 miles down Kolob Canyons Road, at which point you will reach Less Pass Parking Lot.  Leave your car rental Zion National Park in the parking lot and from there, embark into the wilderness for a 14 mile, 12 hour hike.  This iconic Arch is truly a “must hike” for the backcountry enthusiast. With the trailhead commencing at 6000 feet, be sure to bring enough water and food for your journey.  Most individuals, groups and families take about a day to complete the hike.

The Narrows

Miles and miles of challenges and adventures can be found around each corner of Zion National Park, but none rival America’s best outdoor experience: The Narrows.  Sixteen miles of slot canyon can be intimidating enough, but ad the possible danger of a flash flood and the need to traverse deep pools of turquois waters, you will find yourself in a true adventure.  Outdoor enthusiast can park their AWD rental cars near Zion National Park at the most popular starting point of the hike, Temple of Sinawava.  Walk for about a mile from there until the pavement ends; the real hike begins at that point.  Your Zion car rental carried you this far, but now you will find yourself on your own two feet, entering a twenty foot wide opening of rising sand stone.  Meander your way further and further back into the country to a true Zion adventure.

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Zion National Park is just one piece of collective American beauty within the boundaries of our beloved United States of America and AWD Rentals is proud to showcase just a snippet of what this national treasure has to offer.  Spring, summer, winter or fall, Utah has unlimited opportunities to offer to the outdoor enthusiast and it is our hope that an all-wheel drive vehicle is on your agenda to get you there with confidence.

Whether it is rental cars near Zion National Park or a car rental to take you to Crystal Hot Springs up north, be sure that we are dedicated to get you there with unparalleled customer service and some of the most reliable vehicles on the market. Book the best AWD vehicle for your trip right now at

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