How to Rent a Car

Traveling to a new city, visiting old relatives, or taking an annual trip to the mountains might be on the agenda this year. Whether it’s a leisurely trip or a business venture, renting a car might be a step you have to take.
When renting a vehicle, there are many things you have to consider. Below we’ve listed five factors to keep in mind when renting a car:

  • 1. Size of Vehicle
  • 2. Car Capabilities
  • 3. Vehicle Features
  • 4. Additional Insurance
  • 5. Paying Online or Over Phone

Consider Size, Capabilities, and Features When Dealing with a Car Rental

When deciding on a car rental, the first step is to consider what size vehicle you need. How many people will be riding in the car? Are you hauling skis, snowboards, or other large items? Planning for this beforehand will ensure everyone travels comfortably.
The next step is to consider if you need any special vehicle capabilities or additional features. If you’re traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah for a ski trip, for instance, renting an AWD or 4×4 vehicle will be your best bet. Another thing to consider is car features. There are a wide variety of different features you can add to make the experience more enjoyable. Some of these include:

  • 1. Car Seats
  • 2. GPS Navigation
  • 3. Upgraded Tires
  • 4. Bluetooth Stereo
  • 5. A Ski Rack or Box
  • 6. Heated Seats

Adding Insurance and Paying Beforehand

After you’ve chosen your vehicle, its capabilities, and any additional features you might need, the next thing you have to consider is insurance. Although most car rentals already come with standard insurance, there are some extra coverages you can add. This can provide extra protection and an improved peace-of-mind.
Another important step is paying for your reservation online or via phone. Although it may not be required, taking care of this step beforehand can expedite the process. Not only does it save time, it can sometimes save you money.

Leaving and Returning to the Rental Lot

After you choose your vehicle, you’ll want to test out the features and check for any damages. Walk around the car and inspect the body, tires, and lights. We recommend also checking the interior for any damage to the seats, floors, or other areas.
When your rental term is nearing its close, there are some things to consider before returning the car to the rental lot.

  • 1. Is the vehicle in the same condition as when you left the lot?
  • 2. Did you fill the tank with gas?
  • 3. Is all of the trash removed?
  • 4. Did you grab all of your possessions?
  • 5. Was the car returned at the correct date and time?
  • 6. Making sure these steps are followed will prevent any additional fees.

Have an Experience of a Lifetime with AWD Rentals!

Here at AWD Rentals, we’re focused on getting our customers the perfect ride for their adventures. Whether you need an all-wheel-drive car, truck, or van, we have the perfect solution for you. From snowy mountain roads to rocky dirt trails, our vehicles can handle it all. Come check us out at our Salt Lake City, Utah location or visit us online for more information!

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