iKamper Roof Top Tent

iKamper Roof Top Tent

The most advanced and comfortable rooftop tent available in the world.

Available to rent and purchase now through AWD Rentals, the latest authorized Utah iKamper Dealer.

Rent an iKamper Skycamp or XCover

AWD Rentals is the only authorized iKamper Dealer in Utah that allows you to rent an iKamper Roof Top Tent, either for camping or for a test drive before you buy.

Rent with an AWDRentals Fleet Vehicle

We’re currently renting our iKamper roof top tents with the Subaru Outback and Jeep Wrangler JKU.

  • Select your dates
  • Select your vehicle (Outback or JKU)
  • In the Extras Menu, select the iKamper roof top tent


Renting the iKamper with AWDRentals is $50/day in addition to your vehicle.

Rent an iKamper for Personal Vehicle

In order to rent an iKamper roof top tent for a personal vehicle we will need information on the type of roof rack that you have installed on your vehicle.

Rack Systems that Work

Rule of thumb: attached to the frame. For instance, the factory crossbars that come on a Subaru Outback, or a cage-style roof rack that is bolted into the frame of a Jeep or the bed of a pickup truck; those styles of racks are approved.

Racks that Don’t Work

Rule of Thumb: if they’re easy to install or remove, they probably won’t work, like any clamp-on cross bars for skis.

Specs: you need to have a static weight limit of 150 pounds, or it needs to be able to hold 150 pounds while the vehicle is moving.

Contact: Please contact AWD Rentals at (801) 895-2800 for the dates you’re interested in renting and we’ll gather the crossbar information from you.

For personal rentals the iKamper price is $75/day
plus a one-time $50 Installation/Removal Fee

*If you choose to purchase an iKamper through AWDRentals, the money spent renting an iKamper Roof Top Tent will be discounted from the final purchase price.*

Purchase an iKamper SkyCamp or XCover

  • Purchase the iKamper 4-person or 2-person SkyCamps and XCover through AWDRentals.
  • Contact AWDRentals to schedule a time to come look at an iKamper, or to set up your purchase order.
  • Any amount spent on an iKamper rental will be deducted from the final purchase price.

iKamper SkyCamp 4X
3-4 Person Tent

iKamper SkyCamp 2X
2-3 Person Tent

iKamper XCover
3-4 Person Tent

AWD Rentals Contact:

(801) 895 – 2800

[email protected]

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