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Land Rover Camping Tours

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Land Rover Car Camping

First time in the USA? In Utah? Not sure where to go or how to plan your trip? Leave that to us! We want all of our customers to experience the incredible sights of Utah and the Rocky Mountain west. From Yellowstone to Zion National Park we’ll show you the best places to go.

Pick one of our pre-planned tours or contact us and we’ll plan a custom tour for you and your family. The possibilities are endless with a Roof Top Tent!

We plan everything for you! From what sights to see, to which campsites to stay at, to what to buy for food! We’ll make sure you know how to get around and enjoy this beautiful country with the best camping equipment available. 

Planned Tours…Check ‘Em Out!


The Planned Tour Package comes with everything from the Self-Guided Tours (Skycamp tent, sleeping bags/pads/pillows, kitchenette, camping tables/chairs, cargo box), and it also has some unique items.

You also get a preprogramed Garmin GPS taking you to the parks and campsites, and a full travel itinerary with a day-to-day plan of action. 

If there is a large party you can get extra awnings for shade and even a ground tent for additional sleeping space.

Available Extras: Bike rack, awning, annex room, spare ground tent, and hammocks.

Land Rover Pricing

Planned Land Rover Camping Tours

Prices Vary by Tour

Car Camping Highlights

Just some of the amazing places you’ll see…

AWDRentals Car Camping Tours

Unsure where to go or how to get there? Allow us to plan a tour for you.

Tell us what you want to see and do and we’ll get to work on a great tour plan. There’s a whole host of different categories to choose from, and you can always mix them together. These include sight seeing the natural wonders, hiking, jeep trails, fishing, historical sights, and more. Let us know when you’re coming, what you want to do, and we’ll make a plan.

Take a look at our most popular tours:

Arches & Moab Tour

This tour includes camping around Moab, Utah, and visiting Arches National park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, and Goblin Valley State Park.
There are hikes to spectacular red rock formations, Jeep trails to stunning vistas, and even white water rafting on the Colorado River.

Starting at 5 days for $2,500

This tour is the biggest bang-for-your-buck tour! A three-hour drive from the pickup at Salt Lake City, Arches National Park and Moab provide year’s worth of travel in just days. We’re packing in sight seeing spectacular rock formations, hiking amidst geological wonders, swimming holes, white water rafting, cliff-side jeep trails, and camping under the best star gazing in the world.

You will be awed!

Moab sits at 4,000 feet elevation, and some of the spots you will visit (Dead Horse Point) rise to 6,000 feet. Due to rapid elevation gain you may experience shortness of breath. This tour includes many outdoor activities, mainly hiking, but mountain biking is also available. There are hikes along steep cliffs so people suffering from vertigo should be warned. In the spring and fall the days can be very warm and the nights very cold. In mid summer it will be very hot, with temperatures rising to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Dress appropriately and always bring lots of water with you.

This is a camping vacation, one that will result in life-long memories of family fun. But, that comes without the amenities of a hotel. There is a shower tent included, but it will the water you brought with you. Remember, when you sign up for a week of car camping around Moab, Arches, and the Canyonlands you’re signing up for an adventure.

Included in the tour are reserved campsites and park fees for specific days of the tour. They’re part of the price. However, all guests are permitted, encouraged even, to seek out first-come-first-serve campsites on BLM land. We will provide a list of our favorite alternatives, but you will have always have a reserved campsite to fall back on.

For camping there are extra options to increase your comfort and enjoyment. You can get a full annex room if you’re worried about the weather or mosquitos. There are bike racks, hammocks, and even additional ground tents available to rent for larger parties.

Depending on the activities you’re interested in we will adjust the itinerary. Cyclists we will include more biking trails, seasoned hikers or advanced athletes looking for a challenge we’ll include more difficult trails, and to beat the summer heat if you want more days of white water rafting we can include that as well.

Extended trip length is also available. All of these options will result in a price change.

Pickup at our office location in Salt Lake City near the Salt Lake International Airport. Go over gear usage, safety tips, and trip itinerary breakdown. Then, drive to supermarket to pick up food order (first one is prepared by us).

Drive to Moab, Utah. A three hour drive takes you through multiple landscapes: highways with Wasatch mountains looming overhead, steep forested canyons, wide open high plains, and finally the deep red cliffs around Moab.

Before you arrive in Moab you’ll make your first stop, at Goblin Valley State Park. A short hike will take you amongst the HooDoos, the mushroom-like stones of the valley. You will feel like you’re hiking on Mars!

After exploring and photos in Goblin Valley, you can then continue on to Moab. We recommend catching a quick lunch in the town of Green River on the way.

One more stop that afternoon will be at Dead Horse Point State Park. This incredible viewpoint will give you a teaser of what is to come as you stare over Moab and the Canyonlands from thousand-foot high cliffs. It is a terrific place to catch the sunset and if there are campsites available at the park we highly recommend staying there your fist night. The star gazing is amazing!

If you don’t stay there then you can head down to your reserved campsite.

Rise early and get moving! The lines can get long on weekends and in peak season entering the park. Also, breakfast and coffee with the sunrise amidst the red rock is a special experience. Enjoy it.

The first morning will be aimed at hitting the big sights. You will drive through the amazing, prehistoric landscape of cliffs, spires, and red rocks. The first stop will be at Balancing Rock, the most spectacular road-side attraction.

Then, onto the Delicate Arch, the crown jewel of Arches. We recommend making this hike early in the morning because 1) it gets hot in the afternoon and there is no shade, and 2) the crowds get larger later in the day.

After lunch (pack it in your cooler or zip over to Moab) you can do the relatively easy Windows Loop and Landscape Arch Hikes. If you still have some energy and daylight you can continue on from Landscape Arch to Double O arch. That is a moderately difficult hike with some steep ascents.

If its too hot in the afternoon we recommend escaping to Moab for the Millcreek swimming hole.

Then back to the campsite for some dinner and s’mores over the fire.

If you included the Fiery Furnace Guided Tour as one of the extras to this tour then this is when you’d do that tour. This is a longer, more strenuous hike, but it takes you through the red mazes of sandstone fins. Amazing.

There are other hikes we recommend this morning, including Park Avenue and Tower Arch. It also depends on how much energy you have left.

After lunch when the day heats up you can repeat the swimming holes, continue hiking, or drive some dirt Jeep roads through the back country of Arches National Park. The park is not that big so the drive will only take a few hours. But you get to see areas of the park that the masses never get.

Extra activities today include: Slick Rock Trail biking, white water rafting, guided rock climbing, jeep trail driving.

After two days of walking at altitude your body will feel a toll, especially in the hot summer sun. Included in this tour is one day of white-water rafting on the Colorado River. A well-earned break from all the exploring you will get to float down the river on a guided tour past the amazing cliffs that you were just walking across.

In the afternoon go to the bbq spot along the river to cook outside and swim. Swimming in the Colorado River should always be done with a life jacket due to strong currents and undertows. There are some calm beaches but even then always wear a life jacket.

To finish the day we have several Jeep Trail recommendations to enjoy, including the Long Mill Road and the Potash Road through the canyons getting you ready to experience the Canyonlands.

In colder weather we have other Jeep trails we recommend driving, and more outdoor BBQ spots to relax with family.

The final morning, after you’ve been on top of the world at Dead Horse Point and Arches National Park, you will descend into the land of deep canyons.

You can drive a selection of Jeep trails to several lookout points, and hike the Grand View Point or Upheavel Dome. All the choices are fantastic and will make it difficult to leave.

We recommend refueling and eating in Moab before returning to our Salt Lake City location for the evening camper inspection and return.

The Great North Tour

This tour includes camping around Jackson Hole Wyoming,  Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park. Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire United States!
There are BLM Jeep Trails to take you to spectacular vistas, campsites with stunning mountain views, hiking and biking trails, fly fishing and white water rafting, and more!

Starting at 5 days for $2,500

The Majestic South

This tour includes camping around Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Grand Staircase Escalante National Parks, as well as visiting Lake Powell.
There are hikes to spectacular red rock formations, Jeep trails to stunning vistas, hiking in slot canyons, and enjoying some time out of the sun in Lake Powell.

Starting at 5 days for $2,500

Fly Fishing Tour

This tour not only takes you to beautiful locations, but guides you to some of the best fishing spots in the mountain west. You’ll start in Utah and work your way up to the Snake River in Wyoming where you’ll finish with a guided tour near Jackson Hole.
Besides fishing there are BLM Jeep Trails to take you to spectacular vistas, campsites with stunning mountain views, and hiking and biking trails.

Starting at 5 days for $2,500

Planned Tours

Self-Guided Car Camping Tours

Pick up your Land Rover and GO!

Land Rover Car Camping

Self-Guided Tours

The Self-Guided tours are for seasoned hikers and campers, individuals, couples, and families familiar with Utah and the Rocky Mountain West. You know where to go and what to see and you don’t want a tour guide slowing you down. Self-Guided Tourers get all the gear of a full tour with the complete privacy of a vacation. Come and enjoy Utah!


The Self-Guided Tour Package comes with the iKamper Skycamp roof top tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and pillows and cases. It also includes a full camping kitchen, with a stocked kitchenette, cooler, camping table and chairs. 

If there is a large party you can get extra awnings for shade and even a ground tent for additional sleeping space.

Available Extras: Bike rack, awning, annex room, spare ground tent, and hammocks.

Land Rover Pricing

The Self-Guided Land Rover Car Camping Tours


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