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If you are a constant traveler, renting a car in Salt Lake City, Utah is a viable option especially if you are moving across different states. By using rental cars, you can easily move from place to place with little financial spending. Also, considering that numerous types of vehicles available at Utah AWD vehicle rental, you will get a chance of driving your dream car and impress your friends with it. Since the rental fee is way lower than car purchase price, you will enjoy a good driving experience even if you are working with a limited budget. Below are the features and specifications of some of the popular cars available at AWD car rental Company. View our rental policies.

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Our Salt Lake City, Utah Rental Vehicles Fleet: 

Subaru Outback

By renting a Subaru Outback, you are assured of accommodative interior space for your midsize family. Considering that most locations in Utah are rocky and snowy, this car will give you the best travel experience as it has an 8.7 inches ground clearance which ensures that it doesn’t get stuck. Additionally, this AWD rental car has an additional benefit of great comfort and high refinement which will give you a seamless trip even when traversing a harsh terrain. Other interesting features include excellent visibility all around the car, 73.3 square feet of luggage storage space, and a comfortable and spacious cabin.

Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento is a fantastic SUV which comes with amazing features for a fun-filled expedition. With power steering, HD audio system, electric windows, and cruise control, you will operate this vehicle with little to no hassle since most of the functions are automated. Additionally, the car is powered by a strong V6 engine and has a four-wheel drive capability making it a beast in the off-road terrain. In case the vehicle is struggling to traverse a certain terrain using its standard capabilities, you can always switch to the sports mode which further enhances the engine performance.

Toyota Sienna

If you are seeking to rent a car which will give you smooth family transportation during your vacation in Salt Lake City, Utah, then Toyota Sienna should be a perfect choice for you. With a seating capacity which can comfortably accommodate seven passengers, you can use this minivan during family vacations or when going for weekend getaways with your friends or workmates. The vehicles also have an ample cargo space hence you don’t have to worry about your luggage storage. Other notable specifications include excellent trim all through the cabin and refined ride quality.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport

The 4WD 2018 Jeep Wrangler is a very reliable car which will take you to any place you wish to be. This vehicle has a rugged exterior which can withstand the harsh terrain of Utah region ensuring it rarely gets scratches and tire bursts. When it comes to the vehicle’s interior, it is designed in a way that the passengers enjoy maximum comfort even during off-road rides. The jeep also boasts of an all-wheel-drive system, heavy-duty tires, and Moto metal rims which gives it an aggressive look.

Get Your Salt Lake City, Utah Rental Vehicle from AWD Rentals

If you are planning on taking a vacation, renting a vehicle in Salt Lake City, Utah will ensure that you have freedom of movement and it will also lower your travel cost. AWD vehicle rental has a wide variety of cars, and you will hardly lack one which suits your lifestyle and falls within your budget.

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