Top Trails to Take Your Jeep Rental in Moab

Moab, Utah in a Jeep: Renting Is Easy. The Trails May Not Be.

If it’s rugged, backcountry driving you crave, visit Moab. You can rent a Jeep Wrangler for the day or the week, and explore dozens of off-road trails. To rent a Jeep, just reserve your pickup time at AWD Rentals. We can get you out exploring the phenomenal off-road trails that beckon the bold. Here’s our favorite trails in Moab, Utah for Jeeping.

Fins & Things

Fins & Things is a fun trail with soft, sandy sections that are great for drifting Side X Sides, and steep rock formations to climb in your ATV or Jeep. This is a great trail to get a range of obstacles that Moab has to offer. Fins & Things is easily accessible just past the Sand Flats Campground off the main road, and the trail begins at campsite E7. Stock Jeeps may scrape their bumpers, but are seen on this trail.

Time and Distance: 9.4 miles and takes 3-4 hours. Add more time if going as a group.

Difficulty: Moderate

Gemini Bridges Trail

Take in some awe-inspiring views, featuring the twin arch at Bull Canyon—Gemini Bridges. To view the bridges, see Bull Canyon, Trail #19. You must be close to them and look down to see the bridges. This trail was once a rocky road was has been tamed with a rock grinder. You need a Jeep or other 4×4 vehicle for this trail.

Time and Distance: 13.4 miles and takes 2-3 hours. Add more time if going as a group.

Difficulty: Easy

Poison Spider Mesa Trail

This is one of the most popular trails in Moab. With cliff overlooks of the Moab Valley, the Colorado River, and the La Sal Mountains, as well as Behind the Rocks vistas, Pig Rock and petroglyphs, it’s well worth the trip. You’ll share this dusty terrain with mountain bikers, and should follow the painted Jeep symbols and tire marks to navigate. The reward at the summit is Little Arch. Make it a full-day trip by going on to Golden Spike.

Time and Distance: Round trip back to the start, including the overlook, takes 5-6 hours. Add more time if going as a group.

Difficulty: Hard! Only for modified vehicles with high clearance.

Steel Bender Trail

It’s infamous for exactly what its name suggests. Tracking an old wagon route, it rises 6,000 feet. Those who conquer it win astounding views of Moab and the La Sal Mountains. With the help of bypasses, a good stock vehicle can negotiate its hair-raising ledges and cliffs to the slick finale rising from Mill Creek.

Time and Distance: 14.9 miles and takes 5-6 hours.

Difficulty: Hard

Geyser Pass Trail

The west side of the pass is a wide, smooth gravel road suitable for most passenger cars when dry. It has breathtaking views of the Spanish Valley. The east side is narrower and rockier, but suitable for any stock SUV. It features Dark Canyon Lake, which is a popular fishing spot. Roads are well marked and route-finding is easy.

Time and Distance: 25.3 and takes 2 hours one way plus time to and from the trail.

Difficulty: Easy

Hell’s Revenge

Hells Revenge is a harrowing thrill ride over the rock, steep ups and downs, and paths along the cliffs’ edges. Yellow, flame-shaped markings on the ground designate the Jeep route. Not suitable for stock vehicles or novice drivers. While the driving is difficult, the scenery is high cliffs over the Moab Valley and the La Sal Mountains visible through Arches National Park. “Tip-Toe Through Hell” to bypass the harshest obstacles. The challenge of the clefts and stretches of naked sandstone are still in the ride, but this route suits stock vehicles and drivers who don’t want their vehicles bent out of shape. Take in an unforgettable view of the Colorado River canyon.

Time and Distance: 6.9 miles for the basic loop, not including a trip to the overlook, Hell’s Gate Loop, or Escalator Loop. It takes 4-6 hours.

Difficulty: Difficult

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